3 Jewellery Ideas For Your Wedding Or Funeral Flowers

Dried flower necklaces

Our dried flower necklaces are a testament to the everlasting beauty found in nature. Each pendant showcases meticulously preserved flowers, displaying their intricate details and vibrant colours. Presented in a gift box, these necklaces are ready to be cherished from the moment they are received. With a choice of chain length, ranging from 18 to 22 inches, you can personalize the fit and style to suit your preference, ensuring a comfortable and confident wear. 

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Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or simply to convey appreciation and love, our dried flower necklaces make meaningful gifts with a touch of elegance. 

Pandora compatible charms

Our Pandora-compatible dried flower charms encapsulate the everlasting beauty found in nature. Each charm is meticulously crafted, with delicate flowers carefully preserved within a transparent resin or glass setting. 

Designed to fit seamlessly with Pandora bracelets, these charms become a cherished part of a personalized jewellery collection. With their intricate details and vibrant colors, these charms serve as a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us. Whether you choose a charm showcasing a single flower or a collection of blooms, each one tells a unique story and adds a touch of elegance to any bracelet. 

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rings and cufflinks

Our dried flower rings and cufflinks are crafted to encapsulate nature's enduring beauty. Each piece features meticulously preserved flowers, capturing their delicate details and vibrant colors. The rings are designed with masculine aesthetics in mind, showcasing a blend of natural elements and refined craftsmanship. 

The cufflinks exude sophistication, adding a touch of elegance to any formal or casual attire. The combination of these exquisite accessories and preserved blooms creates a unique and meaningful statement, reflecting the wearer's appreciation for both nature and personal style. 

Gifted in a sleek presentation box, our dried flower rings and cufflinks make a striking impression from the moment they are received. 

drying flowers for Custom preservation Jewellery: 

Our comprehensive guide on customised flower jewellery. We understand the importance of preserving sentimental moments through unique pieces that encapsulate the beauty of flowers. 

Whether you're seeking to commemorate a wedding, honour a loved one's memory, or simply indulge in the elegance of nature-inspired accessories, our collection of personalized flower jewellery offers a range of options. From Pandora-compatible charms and cufflinks to necklaces and rings, let us walk you through the process of creating exquisite and meaningful pieces that will be treasured for a lifetime.

  1. Drying Your Own Flowers: Preserving Natural Beauty Preserving your own flowers can add a personal touch to your customised jewellery. Here are some effective methods to dry your flowers:

a. Air Drying: Bundle your flowers together and hang them upside down in a dry, well-ventilated area. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent colour fading. Be patient, as the drying process can take several weeks.

b. Pressing: Ideal for flat flowers like pansies or daisies, pressing allows you to flatten and preserve delicate petals. Place flowers between absorbent paper, apply weight on top, and leave them for several weeks to dry.

c. Silica Gel: Use silica gel, a desiccant that absorbs moisture, to preserve the shape of flowers. Submerge the flowers in a container filled with silica gel and seal it for a week or two until they are completely dry.

  1. Customising with Sentimental Flowers: Cherishing Special Moments Our customised flower jewellery allows you to incorporate sentimental flowers, such as wedding or funeral blooms, into your chosen piece. You can:
  • Send us your dried flowers to be encapsulated in Pandora-compatible charms, cufflinks, necklaces, or rings. We ensure that your cherished memories are forever preserved in a wearable work of art.

  • Commemorate a wedding by transforming bridal bouquets or boutonnieres into elegant necklaces or rings. Our skilled artisans carefully encapsulate the flowers, capturing the essence of your special day.

  • Honour a loved one's memory by creating memorial jewellery using funeral flowers. This thoughtful tribute serves as a tangible keepsake, preserving the beauty and significance of those cherished moments.