Photos for a locket: The solution

Printing photos for a locket

Looking for the perfect photo to fit inside that special locket? Whether you've bought a locket elsewhere or you're an online seller seeking a reliable photo solution, Featherlings has got you covered. Dive into our world where we not only provide locket-sized photos but also offer complete locket solutions.

Variety of Shapes

Whether you need round, oval, heart-shaped, or a unique shape, we cater to all your needs.

Having your image printed in the shape you already need makes putting the photos into a locket much easier. Choose your shape to get started

Multiple Sizes on One Sheet

Each sheet boasts your chosen image 32 times in 16 distinct sizes, ranging from approximately 33mm wide to a petite 5mm.

With almost every size you could possibly need in between, you should have no problem finding the perfect size for what you need.

As you get 2 copies of each size, it doesn't matter as much if you make a mistake!

selection of ashes charms on packaging

Quality You Can Trust

Our prints are of high quality, water-resistant (though not entirely waterproof), and are printed on Canon premium paper.

Special Offers Just for You: Buy 4 and get 1 of them free! Plus, enjoy the flexibility to mix and match different shapes as per your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right size for my locket photos?

At Featherlings, we understand that lockets come in various shapes and sizes. That's why we offer your image printed 32 times across 16 different sizes, ranging from approximately 33mm wide down to about 5mm wide. You don't need to choose a size, we will print them all automatically for you

Can I get photos for different locket shapes?

Absolutely! We cater to a variety of locket shapes, including round, oval, heart-shaped, and even custom designs. Whether you've purchased a Featherlings locket or have one from elsewhere, we ensure your photos fit perfectly.

How do I insert photos into my locket?

Inserting photos into lockets can be a delicate task. Once you receive your sheet of photos from us, carefully cut out the shape you need and squeeze into your locket. A blunt cocktail stick helps!

Are the locket photos durable and water-resistant?

Yes, our locket photos are printed on Canon premium paper, ensuring high-quality and water-resistant properties. While they can withstand everyday wear, we recommend avoiding direct contact with water to ensure longevity.

Can I order a complete locket with a photo already inserted?

Of course! If you're looking for a hassle-free solution, checkout our photo jewellery section in our shop, upload your photo, and we'll take care of the rest, delivering a beautifully finished piece right to your doorstep.

Capturing Moments in Miniature: The Art of Locket-Sized Photos

Every locket holds a secret, a memory, a moment frozen in time. At Featherlings, we understand the profound sentiment behind each locket, and we've dedicated ourselves to perfecting the art of capturing those memories in miniature.

Beyond Lockets: The Versatility of Miniature Photos

While lockets remain a timeless choice for preserving memories close to one's heart, the beauty of our miniature photos lies in their versatility. Their compact size and impeccable clarity make them ideal for a myriad of sentimental applications:

  1. Wedding Bouquet Charms: A bride's bouquet becomes even more special when adorned with a charm featuring a miniature photo of loved ones. It's a touching way to have those who can't be present, whether due to distance or having passed on, be a part of the bride's walk down the aisle.

  2. Custom Jewellery: Beyond lockets, these photos can be embedded into custom rings, bracelets, or even earrings. Wear your memories in a style that's uniquely yours.

  3. Memory Boxes: Create a tiny treasure trove of memories by adding these photos to a memory box, alongside other keepsakes like letters and trinkets.

  4. Scrapbooking: Elevate your scrapbooking projects by incorporating these miniature photos, adding depth and dimension to your pages.

  5. Personalised Gifts: Whether it's a custom keychain for Father's Day or a bookmark for the avid reader in your life, these photos add a personal touch that makes the gift truly one-of-a-kind.

  6. Decorative Art Pieces: Combine multiple miniature photos to create a mosaic or collage, turning personal memories into a piece of art that can adorn your walls.

The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. With Featherlings, you're not just getting a photo; you're getting a versatile keepsake that can be cherished in countless ways.

The Featherlings Touch

Featherlings isn't just about printing photos; it's about encapsulating emotions. When you choose us, you're not just getting a photo; you're getting a piece of art, meticulously crafted to fit perfectly within your cherished locket.

From Your Heart to Our Hands

The journey of turning your beloved photos into locket-sized treasures is a testament to our dedication:

  1. Your Choice, Your Memory: Our diverse collection ensures that there's a shape and size perfect for every locket, be it round, oval, or heart-shaped.
  2. Precision in Every Pixel: We understand the importance of clarity, especially when it comes to miniatures. Our state-of-the-art printing process ensures that every detail is captured, no matter how small.
  3. Water-Resistant Wonders: Life can be unpredictable. That's why our prints are water-resistant, ensuring that your memories remain pristine, come rain or shine.
  4. DIY with a Difference: While we provide the perfectly sized photos, the final touch is yours. Our prints are designed for you to trim, ensuring a perfect fit for any locket.

Seamless Integration with Your Treasures

For those who already own a locket, our photos offer a seamless solution. And for those on the lookout for a complete package, our lockets come with photos ready, ensuring you have a memory-filled treasure from day one.

Why Trust Featherlings with Your Treasures?

In a world awash with mass-produced items, Featherlings stands as a beacon of personal touch and quality. Each photo we print is a testament to our commitment to preserving your memories with the utmost care and precision.

In Essence

Lockets are more than just jewellery; they're vessels of memories. With Featherlings, you're not just filling a locket; you're preserving a moment, a smile, a tear, ensuring that every glance at your locket takes you back to that special moment.