How to print heart, oval and round locket sized photos

Heart shaped, oval & round locket sized photos

Now its easier than ever to Order tiny photos designed to fit lockets, this can be a fun and personalised way to create a unique and meaningful piece of jewellery.

If you have purchased a locket from a separate retailer, you can still get our locket sized photos to fit the locket. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to order and fit tiny photos into a locket.

Step 1: Choose your photo

The first step in the process is to select the photo you want to use for your locket. You can upload any image to the personalisation software, and it will be printed on a sheet in 16 different sizes ranging from approx 32mm wide down to 4mm wide. 

This means that you can choose the size that best fits your locket, as well as the shape that best suits your image. 

people looking at their phone choosing a photo for their locket sized photos to be printed

Step 2: Choose the shape and size of your locket

If you have not yet purchased your locket, you should do so before ordering your photos. 

Every sheet has your photo printed in 16 different sizes ranging from approx 32mm down to approx 4mm.

You can choose from pre-shaped round, oval, and heart-shaped locket-sized photos. Once you have your locket, you can measure the dimensions of the space where the photo will be placed, and then select the appropriate size and shape of your photo from the 16 different options provided. 

trying on a featherlings memorial necklace

Step 3: Easily order your photos

Once you have chosen your photo and you know the size and shape of your locket, you can order your photos through our personalisation software.

The photos will be printed on a sheet in 16 different sizes, and you can select the size that best fits your locket. Once you receive the sheet of photos, you can cut out the photo that fits your locket and use the rest for practice attempts or make little keepsakes!

Easily print your photos locket sized

Step 4: Fit your photo into your locket

Fitting your photo into your locket is a delicate process, but with some patience and a steady hand, you can achieve a perfect fit. First, clean the area where the photo will be placed with a soft cloth or tissue.

Then, place the photo in the locket and adjust it until it is centered and straight. You can use a small piece of tape or adhesive to hold the photo in place while you close the locket.

Once the locket is closed, you can remove the tape or adhesive, and your custom-sized photo will be securely in place. 

fitting locket sized photos